Server Security and Performance

24/7 Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring You can rest comfortably knowing that we monitor all of our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This goes far beyond just checking to see if the servers are online or not. We check to make sure each service is running as it should and we even monitor server load, so we know if the server will be slow long before it is. This allows us to proactively respond to potential issues to ensure maximum uptime and performance.
Spam Filtering
Spam Filtering To help cut down on junk in your inbox we deploy both server-side and client-side spam filtering services. Our server-side filtering blocks emails from known spamming sources as monitored by authorities in the space. The client-side filtering allows you to set your own rules for even more effective and personlized filtering. Combining these methods allows for the best filtering possible.
Virus Protection
Virus Protection We know how much of a hassle viruses can be. That's why we do full scans of our servers to help ensure you and your site visitors are protected. Unlike some companies who just let the software clean out the viruses, we go one step further. We analyze the reports and help figure out how they may have been uploaded to your site in the first place.
Continuous Data Protection
Continuous Data Protection Your data is valuable, make sure it's safe. We take a full backup of every server 4 times each day, and give you a large selection restore points going back 3 months. This industry leading backup system doesn't slow down the server at all and means your data is safe and secure. We also keep copies of your backup in a separate datacenter in case of a disaster.